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Even the lightest of physical activity can have great benefits and promote healthy aging for seniors.

It’s important that seniors get to keep doing the activities that they have grown to love and maintain their independence as they age. There are several reasons why you should encourage your senior loved one to take part in gentle exercise to improve their overall health and wellness.

Physical Strength

The National Council on Aging reports that 25% of seniors aged 65 and over will experience a fall at least once a year. Strengthening the body by promoting muscle endurance and flexibility reduces the risk of falls and injury. This is especially important for those who wish to be able to keep their independence through mobility and even the smallest of daily self-care tasks.

Another benefit of strength comes from weight control. Exercise lessens the chance of struggling with weight gain and aching joints, which then, in turn lessens the chance of your senior loved one accepting a more sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Weight control also lessens the chance of certain health conditions or chronic illness that can be dangerous to a senior, along with the likelihood of hospitalization, doctor visits, and medications.

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Physical Health

When it comes to aging, we are often faced with a plethora of new medical conditions. As stated above, exercise can be a direct link to one’s physical health. Exercise reduces the chance of many health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and blood pressure issues.

Exercise increases energy and helps to keep correct posture which can be important for an aging body. Bone mass loss is a possibility that many seniors face and keeping healthy physical strength can reduce those effects. Daily activity can help boost energy, increase stamina, and improve sleep which can often be a hurdle that many seniors face.

Mental Strength

Seniors who are physically active tend to have better cognitive functioning. Even mild physical activity can boost moods and help manage stress. Memory and strategic thinking issues often plague aging seniors, so regular exercise is important to keep their mind healthy and active.

Another component of mental health and exercise includes issues such as depression and anxiety. Sedentary lifestyles can worsen these issues and cause seniors to feel isolated. Getting your senior loved one to participate in physical activity outside of the home can not only promote overall healthy well-being but also get them involved social opportunities and stay connected with their community.

You may come across issues with keeping your senior loved one physically active through daily exercise. They may feel that they are too old to start, can’t do it, or simply don’t want to do it. You may even have a senior who suffers from some kind of disability. The truth is that anyone can participate in daily physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle, no matter what the hurdle may be.

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